LIKWID Monitoring Stack: A flexible framework enabling job specific performance monitoring for the masses

Thomas Röhl, Jan Eitzinger, Georg Hager, Gerhard Wellein

System monitoring is an established tool to measure the utilization and health of HPC systems. Usually system monitoring infrastructures make no connection to job information and do not utilize hardware performance monitoring (HPM) data. To increase the efficient use of HPC systems automatic and continuous performance monitoring of jobs is an essential component. It can help to identify pathological cases, provides instant performance feedback to the users, offers initial data to judge on the optimization potential of applications and helps to build a statistical foundation about application specific system usage. The LIKWID monitoring stack is a modular framework build on top of the LIKWID tools library. It aims on enabling job specific performance monitoring using HPM data, system metrics and application-level data for small to medium sized commodity clusters. Moreover, it is designed to integrate in existing monitoring infrastructures to speed up the change from pure system monitoring to job-aware monitoring.

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