Multiphase Aluminum A356 Foam Formation Process Simulation Using Lattice Boltzmann Method

Mojtaba Barzegari, Hossein Bayani, S. M. H. Mirbagheri, Hasan Shetabivash

Shan-Chen model is a numerical scheme to simulate multiphase fluid flows using Lattice Boltzmann approach. The original Shan-Chen model suffers from inability to accurately predict behavior of air bubbles interacting in a non-aqueous fluid. In the present study, we extended the Shan-Chen model to take the effect of the attraction-repulsion barriers among bubbles in to account. The proposed model corrects the interaction and coalescence criterion of the original Shan-Chen scheme in order to have a more accurate simulation of bubbles morphology in a metal foam. The model is based on forming a thin film (narrow channel) between merging bubbles during growth. Rupturing of the film occurs when an oscillation in velocity and pressure arises inside the channel followed by merging of the bubbles. Comparing numerical results obtained from proposed model with mettallorgraphy images for aluminum A356 demonstrated a good consistency in mean bubble size and bubbles distribution

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