Learning a CNN-based End-to-End Controller for a Formula SAE Racecar

Skanda Koppula

We present a set of CNN-based end-to-end models for controls of a Formula SAE racecar, along with various benchmarking and visualization tools to understand model performance. We tackled three main problems in the context of cone-delineated racetrack driving: (1) discretized steering, which translates a first-person frame along to the track to a predicted steering direction. (2) real-value steering, which translates a frame view to a real-value steering angle, and (3) a network design for predicting brake and throttle. We demonstrate high accuracy on our discretization task, low theoretical testing errors with our model for real-value steering, and a starting point for future work regarding a controller for our vehicle's brake and throttle. Timing benchmarks suggests that the networks we propose have the latency and throughput required for real-time controllers, when run on GPU-enabled hardware.

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