Reinforced Video Captioning with Entailment Rewards

Ramakanth Pasunuru, Mohit Bansal

Sequence-to-sequence models have shown promising improvements on the temporal task of video captioning, but they optimize word-level cross-entropy loss during training. First, using policy gradient and mixed-loss methods for reinforcement learning, we directly optimize sentence-level task-based metrics (as rewards), achieving significant improvements over the baseline, based on both automatic metrics and human evaluation on multiple datasets. Next, we propose a novel entailment-enhanced reward (CIDEnt) that corrects phrase-matching based metrics (such as CIDEr) to only allow for logically-implied partial matches and avoid contradictions, achieving further significant improvements over the CIDEr-reward model. Overall, our CIDEnt-reward model achieves the new state-of-the-art on the MSR-VTT dataset.

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