Cherry-Picking of Code Commits in Long-Running, Multi-release Software

Panuchart Bunyakiati, Chadarat Phipathananunth

This paper presents Tartarian, a tool that supports maintenance of software with long-running, multi-release branches in distributed version control systems. When new maintenance code, such as bug fixes and code improvement, is committed into a branch, it is likely that such code can be applied or reused with some other branches. To do so, a developer may manually identify a commit and cherry pick it. Tartarian can support this activity by providing commit hashtags, which the developer uses as metadata to specify their intentions when committing the code. With these tags, Tartarian uses dependency graph, that represents the dependency constraints of the branches, and Branch Identifier, which matches the commit hashtags with the dependency graph, to identify the applicable branches for the commits. Using Tartarian, developers may be able to maintain software with multiple releases more efficiently.

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