Simple and Effective Dimensionality Reduction for Word Embeddings

Vikas Raunak

Word embeddings have become the basic building blocks for several natural language processing and information retrieval tasks. Pre-trained word embeddings are used in several downstream applications as well as for constructing representations for sentences, paragraphs and documents. Recently, there has been an emphasis on further improving the pre-trained word vectors through post-processing algorithms. One such area of improvement is the dimensionality reduction of the word embeddings. Reducing the size of word embeddings through dimensionality reduction can improve their utility in memory constrained devices, benefiting several real-world applications. In this work, we present a novel algorithm that effectively combines PCA based dimensionality reduction with a recently proposed post-processing algorithm, to construct word embeddings of lower dimensions. Empirical evaluations on 12 standard word similarity benchmarks show that our algorithm reduces the embedding dimensionality by 50%, while achieving similar or (more often) better performance than the higher dimension embeddings.

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