Temporal Upsampling of Depth Maps Using a Hybrid Camera

Ming-Ze Yuan, Lin Gao, Hongbo Fu, Shihong Xia

In recent years, consumer-level depth cameras have been adopted for various applications. However, they often produce depth maps at only a moderately high frame rate (approximately 30 frames per second), preventing them from being used for applications such as digitizing human performance involving fast motion. On the other hand, low-cost, high-frame-rate video cameras are available. This motivates us to develop a hybrid camera that consists of a high-frame-rate video camera and a low-frame-rate depth camera and to allow temporal interpolation of depth maps with the help of auxiliary color images. To achieve this, we develop a novel algorithm that reconstructs intermediate depth maps and estimates scene flow simultaneously. We test our algorithm on various examples involving fast, non-rigid motions of single or multiple objects. Our experiments show that our scene flow estimation method is more precise than a tracking-based method and the state-of-the-art techniques.

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