Aadhaar Card: Challenges and Impact on Digital Transformation

Raja Siddharth Raju, Sukhdev Singh, Kiran Khatter

Objectives: This paper presents a brief review on Aadhaar card, and discusses the scope and advantages of linking Aadhaar card to various systems. Further we present various cases in which Aadhaar card may pose security threats. The observations of Supreme Court of India are also presented in this paper followed by a discussion on the loopholes in the existing system. Methods: We conducted literature survey based on the various research articles, leading newspapers, case studies and the observations of Supreme Court of India, and categorized the various cases into three categories. Findings: Aadhaar project is one of the significant projects in India to bring the universal trend of digital innovation. The launch of this project was focused on the inter-operability of various e-governance functionalities to ensure the optimal utilization of Information, Communication and Technology Infrastructure. Towards this Government of India has recently made Aadhaar card mandatory for many government applications, and also has promoted Aadhaar enabled transactions. Improvements: There are many issues related to security and privacy of the Aadhaar data need to be addressed. This paper highlights such cases.

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