Linear Symmetric Private Information Retrieval for MDS Coded Distributed Storage with Colluding Servers

Qiwen Wang, Mikael Skoglund

The problem of symmetric private information retrieval (SPIR) from a coded database which is distributively stored among colluding servers is studied. Specifically, the database comprises $K$ files, which are stored among $N$ servers using an $(N,M)$-MDS storage code. A user wants to retrieve one file from the database by communicating with the $N$ servers, without revealing the identity of the desired file to any server. Furthermore, the user shall learn nothing about the other $K-1$ files in the database. In the $T$-colluding SPIR problem (hence called TSPIR), any $T$ out of $N$ servers may collude, that is, they may communicate their interactions with the user to guess the identity of the requested file. We show that for linear schemes, the information-theoretic capacity of the MDS-TSPIR problem, defined as the maximum number of information bits of the desired file retrieved per downloaded bit, equals $1-\frac{M+T-1}{N}$, if the servers share common randomness (unavailable at the user) with amount at least $\frac{M+T-1}{N-M-T+1}$ times the file size. Otherwise, the capacity equals zero. We conjecture that our capacity holds also for general MDS-TSPIR schemes.

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