Moments of Interference in Vehicular Networks with Hardcore Headway Distance

Konstantinos Koufos, Carl P. Dettmann

Interference statistics in vehicular networks have long been studied using the Poisson Point Process (PPP) for the locations of vehicles. In roads with few number of lanes and restricted overtaking, this model becomes unrealistic because it assumes that the vehicles can come arbitrarily close to each other. In this paper, we model the headway distance (the distance between the head of a vehicle and the head of its follower) equal to the sum of a constant hardcore distance and an exponentially distributed random variable. We study the mean, the variance and the skewness of interference at the origin with this deployment model. Even though the pair correlation function becomes complicated, we devise simple formulae to capture the impact of hardcore distance on the variance of interference in comparison with a PPP model of equal intensity. In addition, we study the extreme scenario where the interference originates from a lattice. We show how to relate the variance of interference due to a lattice to that of a PPP under Rayleigh fading.

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