Fusion of multispectral satellite imagery using a cluster of graphics processing unit

Anas M. Al-Oraiqat, E. A. Bashkov, V. Babkov, C. Titarenko

The paper presents a parallel implementation of existing image fusion methods on a graphical cluster. Parallel implementations of methods based on discrete wavelet transformation (Haars and Daubechies discrete wavelet transform) are developed. Experiments were performed on a cluster using GPU and CPU and performance gains were estimated for the use of the developed parallel implementations to process satellite images from satellite Landsat 7. The implementation on a graphic cluster provides performance improvement from 2 to 18 times. The quality of the considered methods was evaluated by ERGAS and QNR metrics. The results show performance gains and retaining of quality with the cluster of GPU compared to the results obtained by the authors and other researchers for a CPU and single GPU.

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