Realizability Interpretation and Normalization of Typed Call-by-Need $$\lambda$$-calculus With Control

√Čtienne Miquey, Hugo Herbelin

We define a variant of realizability where realizers are pairs of a term and a substitution. This variant allows us to prove the normalization of a simply-typed call-by-need $$\lambda$-$calculus with control due to Ariola et al. Indeed, in such call-by-need calculus, substitutions have to be delayed until knowing if an argument is really needed. In a second step, we extend the proof to a call-by-need $$\lambda$$-calculus equipped with a type system equivalent to classical second-order predicate logic, representing one step towards proving the normalization of the call-by-need classical second-order arithmetic introduced by the second author to provide a proof-as-program interpretation of the axiom of dependent choice.

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