Tree Species Identification from Bark Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Mathieu Carpentier, Philippe Giguère, Jonathan Gaudreault

Tree species identification using bark images is a challenging problem that could prove useful for many forestry related tasks. However, while the recent progress in deep learning showed impressive results on standard vision problems, a lack of datasets prevented its use on tree bark species classification. In this work, we present, and make publicly available, a novel dataset called BarkNet 1.0 containing more than 23,000 high-resolution bark images from 23 different tree species over a wide range of tree diameters. With it, we demonstrate the feasibility of species recognition through bark images, using deep learning. More specifically, we obtain an accuracy of 93.88% on single crop, and an accuracy of 97.81% using a majority voting approach on all of the images of a tree. We also empirically demonstrate that, for a fixed number of images, it is better to maximize the number of tree individuals in the training database, thus directing future data collection efforts.

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