Multimodal Registration of Retinal Images Using Domain-Specific Landmarks and Vessel Enhancement

Álvaro S. Hervella, José Rouco, Jorge Novo, Marcos Ortega

The analysis of different image modalities is frequently performed in ophthalmology as it provides complementary information for the diagnosis and follow-up of relevant diseases, like hypertension or diabetes. This work presents a hybrid method for the multimodal registration of color fundus retinography and fluorescein angiography. The proposed method combines a feature-based approach, using domain-specific landmarks, with an intensity-based approach that employs a domain-adapted similarity metric. The methodology is tested on a dataset of 59 image pairs containing both healthy and pathological cases. The results show a satisfactory performance of the proposed combined approach in this multimodal scenario, improving the registration accuracy achieved by the feature-based and the intensity-based approaches.

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