High-Dynamic-Range Imaging for Cloud Segmentation

Soumyabrata Dev, Florian M. Savoy, Yee Hui Lee, Stefan Winkler

Sky/cloud images obtained from ground-based sky-cameras are usually captured using a fish-eye lens with a wide field of view. However, the sky exhibits a large dynamic range in terms of luminance, more than a conventional camera can capture. It is thus difficult to capture the details of an entire scene with a regular camera in a single shot. In most cases, the circumsolar region is over-exposed, and the regions near the horizon are under-exposed. This renders cloud segmentation for such images difficult. In this paper, we propose HDRCloudSeg -- an effective method for cloud segmentation using High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) imaging based on multi-exposure fusion. We describe the HDR image generation process and release a new database to the community for benchmarking. Our proposed approach is the first using HDR radiance maps for cloud segmentation and achieves very good results.

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