Investigating the Evolvability of Web Page Load Time

Brendan Cody-Kenny, Umberto Manganiello, John Farrelly, Adrian Ronayne, Eoghan Considine, Thomas McGuire, Michael O'Neill

Client-side Javascript execution environments (browsers) allow anonymous functions and event-based programming concepts such as callbacks. We investigate whether a mutate-and-test approach can be used to optimise web page load time in these environments. First, we characterise a web page load issue in a benchmark web page and derive performance metrics from page load event traces. We parse Javascript source code to an AST and make changes to method calls which appear in a web page load event trace. We present an operator based solely on code deletion and evaluate an existing "community-contributed" performance optimising code transform. By exploring Javascript code changes and exploiting combinations of non-destructive changes, we can optimise page load time by 41% in our benchmark web page.

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