Stability of DC Networks with Generic Load Models

Kathleen Cavanagh, Petr Vorobev, Konstantin Turitsyn

DC grids are prone to small-signal instabilities due to the presence of tightly controlled loads trying to keep the power consumption constant over range of terminal voltage variations. Th, so-called, constant power load (CPL) represents a classical example of this destabilizing behavior acting as an incremental negative resistance. Real-life DC loads represented by controlled power converters exhibit the CPL behavior over a finite frequency range. There exist a number of methods for stability certification of DC grids which are primarily concerned with the source-load interaction and do not explicitly account for the influence of network. In the present manuscript, we develop a method for stability assessment of arbitrary DC grids by introducing the Augmented Power Dissipation and showing that it's positive definiteness is a sufficient condition for stability. We present an explicit expression for this quantity through load and network impedances and show how it could be directly used for stability certification of networks with arbitrary configuration.

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