Securing Untrusted Full-Duplex Relay Channels in the Presence of Multiple External Cluster-Based Eavesdroppers

Ahmed El Shafie, Asma Mabrouk, Kamel Tourki, Naofal Al-Dhahir, Mazen O. Hasna

This letter investigates the physical layer security in a wireless cooperative network where communication is assisted by a full-duplex (FD) untrusted relay in the presence of multiple external eavesdroppers. A cluster-based colluding eavesdropping setting is considered, where illegitimate nodes with common interests are grouped in a cluster. In order to confuse the different eavesdropping clusters, we consider artificial-noise-aided beamforming at the source node. Moreover, FD relay jamming is adopted to improve the system's security. To maintain secure communications against the untrusted relay node, a FD destination jamming scheme is adopted. Our proposed scheme is designed based on the channel state information of the legitimate nodes only. Numerical results show that the optimal power allocation factor between data and artificial noise depends on the total number of antennas of the different colluding eavesdropping clusters.

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