DexLego: Reassembleable Bytecode Extraction for Aiding Static Analysis

Zhenyu Ning, Fengwei Zhang

The scale of Android applications in the market is growing rapidly. To efficiently detect the malicious behavior in these applications, an array of static analysis tools are proposed. However, static analysis tools suffer from code hiding techniques like packing, dynamic loading, self modifying, and reflection. In this paper, we thus present DexLego, a novel system that performs a reassembleable bytecode extraction for aiding static analysis tools to reveal the malicious behavior of Android applications. DexLego leverages just-in-time collection to extract data and bytecode from an application at runtime, and reassembles them to a new Dalvik Executable (DEX) file offline. The experiments on DroidBench and real-world applications show that DexLego correctly reconstructs the behavior of an application in the reassembled DEX file, and significantly improves analysis result of the existing static analysis systems.

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