Improving Aviation Safety using Synthetic Vision System integrated with Eye-tracking Devices

Mingliang Xu, Yibo Guo, Bailin Yang, Wei Chen, Pei Lv, Liwei Fan, Bin Zhou

By collecting the data of eyeball movement of pilots, it is possible to monitor pilot's operation in the future flight in order to detect potential accidents. In this paper, we designed a novel SVS system that is integrated with an eye tracking device, and is able to achieve the following functions:1) A novel method that is able to learn from the eyeball movements of pilots and preload or render the terrain data in various resolutions, in order to improve the quality of terrain display by comprehending the interested regions of the pilot. 2) A warning mechanism that may detect the risky operation via analyzing the aviation information from the SVS and the eyeball movement from the eye tracking device, in order to prevent the maloperations or human factor accidents. The user study and experiments show that the proposed SVS-Eyetracking system works efficiently and is capable of avoiding potential risked caused by fatigue in the flight simulation.

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