Correct by Construction Resource-based Process Composition

Petros Papapanagiotou, Jacques Fleuriot

The need for rigorous process composition is encountered in many situations pertaining to the development and analysis of complex systems. We discuss the use of Classical Linear Logic (CLL) for correct-by-construction resource-based process composition. Abstract processes are specified as CLL sequents describing the types of input and output resources. The proofs-as-processes paradigm and its recent evolutions enable the composition of such processes via logical inference, with mathematical guarantees when it comes to concurrent execution, deadlock freedom, and systematic resource accounting. We introduce algorithms to automate the necessary inference steps for binary compositions of processes in parallel, conditionally, and in sequence. We combine decision procedures and heuristics to achieve intuitive and practically useful compositions in an applied setting. Our work is implemented within the formal setting of the HOL Light proof assistant and incorporated in the WorkflowFM prototype to facilitate diagrammatic, correct-by-construction process workflows.

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