Computing Bottleneck Distance for Multi-parameter Interval Decomposable Persistence Modules

Tamal K. Dey, Cheng Xin

Computation of the interleaving distance between persistence modules is a central task in topological data analysis. For $1$-parameter persistence modules, thanks to the isometry theorem, this can be done by computing the bottleneck distance with known efficient algorithms. The question is open for most $n$-parameter persistence modules, $n>1$, because of the well recognized complications of the indecomposables. Here, we consider a reasonably complicated class called {\em $n$-parameter interval decomposable} modules whose indecomposables may have a description of non-constant complexity. We present a polynomial time algorithm to compute the bottleneck distance for these modules from indecomposables, which bounds the interleaving distance from above, and give another algorithm to compute a new distance called {\em dimension distance} that bounds it from below. An earlier version of this paper considered only the $2$-parameter interval decomposable modules~\cite{DeyCheng18}.

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