Touch Your Heart: A Tone-aware Chatbot for Customer Care on Social Media

Tianran Hu, Anbang Xu, Zhe Liu, Quanzeng You, Yufan Guo, Vibha Sinha, Jiebo Luo, Rama Akkiraju

Chatbot has become an important solution to rapidly increasing customer care demands on social media in recent years. However, current work on chatbot for customer care ignores a key to impact user experience - tones. In this work, we create a novel tone-aware chatbot that generates toned responses to user requests on social media. We first conduct a formative research, in which the effects of tones are studied. Significant and various influences of different tones on user experience are uncovered in the study. With the knowledge of effects of tones, we design a deep learning based chatbot that takes tone information into account. We train our system on over 1.5 million real customer care conversations collected from Twitter. The evaluation reveals that our tone-aware chatbot generates as appropriate responses to user requests as human agents. More importantly, our chatbot is perceived to be even more empathetic than human agents.

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