Towards Bi-Directional Communication in Human-Swarm Teaming: A Survey

Aya Hussein, Leo Ghignone, Tung Nguyen, Nima Salimi, Hung Nguyen, Min Wang, Hussein A. Abbass

Swarm systems consist of large numbers of robots that collaborate autonomously. With an appropriate level of human control, swarm systems could be applied in a variety of contexts ranging from search-and-rescue situations to Cyber defence. The two decision making cycles of swarms and humans operate on two different time-scales, where the former is normally orders of magnitude faster than the latter. Closing the loop at the intersection of these two cycles will create fast and adaptive human-swarm teaming networks. This paper brings desperate pieces of the ground work in this research area together to review this multidisciplinary literature. We conclude with a framework to synthesize the findings and summarize the multi-modal indicators needed for closed-loop human-swarm adaptive systems.

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