On contact graphs of paths on a grid

Zakir Deniz, Esther Galby, Andrea Munaro, Bernard Ries

In this paper we consider Contact graphs of Paths on a Grid (CPG graphs), i.e. graphs for which there exists a family of interiorly disjoint paths on a grid in one-to-one correspondence with their vertex set such that two vertices are adjacent if and only if the corresponding paths touch at a grid-point. Our class generalizes the well studied class of VCPG graphs (see [1]). We examine CPG graphs from a structural point of view which leads to constant upper bounds on the clique number and the chromatic number. Moreover, we investigate the recognition and 3-colorability problems for $B_0$-CPG, a subclass of CPG. We further show that CPG graphs are not necessarily planar and not all planar graphs are CPG.

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