Network Traffic Driven Storage Repair

Danilo Gligoroski, Katina Kralevska, Rune E. Jensen, Per Simonsen

Recently we constructed an explicit family of locally repairable and locally regenerating codes. Their existence was proven by Kamath et al. but no explicit construction was given. Our design is based on HashTag codes that can have different sub-packetization levels. In this work we emphasize the importance of having two ways to repair a node: repair only with local parity nodes or repair with both local and global parity nodes. We say that the repair strategy is network traffic driven since it is in connection with the concrete system and code parameters: the repair bandwidth of the code, the number of I/O operations, the access time for the contacted parts and the size of the stored file. We show the benefits of having repair duality in one practical example implemented in Hadoop. We also give algorithms for efficient repair of the global parity nodes.

Knowledge Graph



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