Blind Identification of Invertible Graph Filters with Multiple Sparse Inputs

Chang Ye, Rasoul Shafipour, Gonzalo Mateos

This paper deals with problem of blind identification of a graph filter and its sparse input signal, thus broadening the scope of classical blind deconvolution of temporal and spatial signals to irregular graph domains. While the observations are bilinear functions of the unknowns, a mild requirement on invertibility of the filter enables an efficient convex formulation, without relying on matrix lifting that can hinder applicability to large graphs. On top of scaling, it is argued that (non-cyclic) permutation ambiguities may arise with some particular graphs. Deterministic sufficient conditions under which the proposed convex relaxation can exactly recover the unknowns are stated, along with those guaranteeing identifiability under the Bernoulli-Gaussian model for the inputs. Numerical tests with synthetic and real-world networks illustrate the merits of the proposed algorithm, as well as the benefits of leveraging multiple signals to aid the (blind) localization of sources of diffusion.

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