Entanglement-assisted quantum MDS codes from constacyclic codes with large minimum distance

Liangdong Lu, Wenping Ma, Ruihu Li, Yuena Ma, Yang Liu, Hao Cao

The entanglement-assisted (EA) formalism allows arbitrary classical linear codes to transform into entanglement-assisted quantum error correcting codes (EAQECCs) by using pre-shared entanglement between the sender and the receiver. In this work, we propose a decomposition of the defining set of constacyclic codes. Using this method, we construct four classes of $q$-ary entanglement-assisted quantum MDS (EAQMDS) codes based on classical constacyclic MDS codes by exploiting less pre-shared maximally entangled states. We show that a class of $q$-ary EAQMDS have minimum distance upper limit greater than $3q-1$. Some of them have much larger minimum distance than the known quantum MDS (QMDS) codes of the same length. Most of these $q$-ary EAQMDS codes are new in the sense that their parameters are not covered by the codes available in the literature.

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