Discovering demographic data of users from the evolution of their spatio-temporal entropy

Arielle Moro, Benoît Garbinato, Valérie Chavez-Demoulin

Inferring information related to users enables to highly improve the quality of many mobile services. For example, knowing the demographic characteristics of a user allows a service to display more accurate information. According to the literature, various works present models to detect them but, to the best of our knowledge, no one is based on the use of the spatio-temporal entropy and introduces Generalized Additive models (GAMs) in this context to reach this goal. In this preliminary work, we present a new approach including these two key elements. The spatio-temporal entropy enables to capture the regularity of the mobility behavior of a user, while GAMs help to predict her demographic data based on several co-variables including the spatio-temporal entropy. The preliminary results are very encouraging to do future work since we obtain a prediction accuracy of 87% about the prediction of the working profile of users.

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