Classifying Online Dating Profiles on Tinder using FaceNet Facial Embeddings

Charles F Jekel, Raphael T. Haftka

A method to produce personalized classification models to automatically review online dating profiles on Tinder is proposed, based on the user's historical preference. The method takes advantage of a FaceNet facial classification model to extract features which may be related to facial attractiveness. The embeddings from a FaceNet model were used as the features to describe an individual's face. A user reviewed 8,545 online dating profiles. For each reviewed online dating profile, a feature set was constructed from the profile images which contained just one face. Two approaches are presented to go from the set of features for each face, to a set of profile features. A simple logistic regression trained on the embeddings from just 20 profiles could obtain a 65% validation accuracy. A point of diminishing marginal returns was identified to occur around 80 profiles, at which the model accuracy of 73% would only improve marginally after reviewing a significant number of additional profiles.

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