Renewing computing paradigms for more efficient parallelization of single-threads

János Végh

Computing is still based on the 70-years old paradigms introduced by von Neumann. The need for more performant, comfortable and safe computing forced to develop and utilize several tricks both in hardware and software. Till now technology enabled to increase performance without changing the basic computing paradigms. The recent stalling of single-threaded computing performance, however, requires to redesign computing to be able to provide the expected performance. To do so, the computing paradigms themselves must be scrutinized. The limitations caused by the too restrictive interpretation of the computing paradigms are demonstrated, an extended computing paradigm introduced, ideas about changing elements of the computing stack suggested, some implementation details of both hardware and software discussed. The resulting new computing stack offers considerably higher computing throughput, simplified hardware architecture, drastically improved real-time behavior and in general, simplified and more efficient computing stack.

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