Enhancing Favorable Propagation in Cell-Free Massive MIMO Through Spatial User Grouping

Salah Eddine Hajri, Juwendo Denis, Mohamad Assaad

Cell-Free (CF) Massive multiple-input multiple-output(MIMO) is a distributed antenna system, wherein a large number of back-haul linked access points randomly distributed over a coverage area serve simultaneously a smaller number of users. CF Massive MIMO inherits favorable propagation of Massive MIMO systems. However, the level of favorable propagation which highly depends on the network topology and environment may be hindered by user' spatial correlation. In this paper, we investigate the impact of the network configuration on the level of favorable propagation for a CF Massive MIMO network. We formulate a user grouping and scheduling optimization problem that leverages users' spatial diversity. The formulated design optimization problem is proved to be NP-hard in general. To circumvent the prohibitively high computational cost, we adopt the semidefinite relaxation method to find a sub-optimal solution. The effectiveness of the proposed strategies is then verified through numerical results which demonstrate a non-negligible improvement in the performance of the studied scenario.

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