Combining Multi-level Contexts of Superpixel using Convolutional Neural Networks to perform Natural Scene Labeling

Aritra Das, Swarnendu Ghosh, Ritesh Sarkhel, Sandipan Choudhuri, Nibaran Das, Mita Nasipuri

Modern deep learning algorithms have triggered various image segmentation approaches. However most of them deal with pixel based segmentation. However, superpixels provide a certain degree of contextual information while reducing computation cost. In our approach, we have performed superpixel level semantic segmentation considering 3 various levels as neighbours for semantic contexts. Furthermore, we have enlisted a number of ensemble approaches like max-voting and weighted-average. We have also used the Dempster-Shafer theory of uncertainty to analyze confusion among various classes. Our method has proved to be superior to a number of different modern approaches on the same dataset.

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