Geo-Network Coding Function Virtualization for Reliable Communication over Satellite

Tan Do-Duy, M. Angeles Vazquez Castro

In this paper, we propose a design solution for the implementation of Virtualized Network Coding Functionality (VNCF) over a service coverage area. Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Network Coding (NC) architectural designs are integrated as a toolbox of NC design domains so that NC can be implemented over different underlying physical networks including satellite or hybrid networks. The design includes identifying theoretical limits of NC over wireless networks in terms of achievable rate region and optimizing coding rates for nodes that implement VNCF. The overall design target is to achieve a given multicast transmission target reliability at receiver sides. In addition, the optimization problem uses databases with geo-tagged link statistics and geo-location information of network nodes in the deployment area for some computational complexity/energy constraints. Numerical results provide validation of our design solution on how network conditions and system constraints impact the design and implementation of NC and how VNCF allows reliable communication over wireless networks with reliability and connectivity up to theoretical limits.

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