Subexponential-Time and FPT Algorithms for Embedded Flat Clustered Planarity

Giordano Da Lozzo, David Eppstein, Michael T. Goodrich, Siddharth Gupta

The C-Planarity problem asks for a drawing of a $\textit{clustered graph}$, i.e., a graph whose vertices belong to properly nested clusters, in which each cluster is represented by a simple closed region with no edge-edge crossings, no region-region crossings, and no unnecessary edge-region crossings. We study C-Planarity for $\textit{embedded flat clustered graphs}$, graphs with a fixed combinatorial embedding whose clusters partition the vertex set. Our main result is a subexponential-time algorithm to test C-Planarity for these graphs when their face size is bounded. Furthermore, we consider a variation of the notion of $\textit{embedded tree decomposition}$ in which, for each face, including the outer face, there is a bag that contains every vertex of the face. We show that C-Planarity is fixed-parameter tractable with the embedded-width of the underlying graph and the number of disconnected clusters as parameters.

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