A nonlinear transform based analog video transmission framework

Yongtao Liu, Xiaopeng Fan, Yang Wang, Debin Zhao, Wen Gao

Soft-cast, a cross-layer design for wireless video transmission, is proposed to solve the drawbacks of digital video transmission: threshold transmission framework achieving the same effect. Specifically, in encoder, we carry out power allocation on the transformed coefficients and encode the coefficients based on the new formulation of power distortion. In decoder, the process of LLSE estimator is also improved. Accompanied with the inverse nonlinear transform, DCT coefficients can be recovered depending on the scaling factors , LLSE estimator coefficients and metadata. Experiment results show that our proposed framework outperforms the Soft-cast in PSNR 1.08 dB and the MSSIM gain reaches to 2.35% when transmitting under the same bandwidth and total power.

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