r-HUMO: A Risk-Aware Human-Machine Cooperation Framework for Entity Resolution with Quality Guarantees

Boyi Hou, Qun Chen, Zhaoqiang Chen, Youcef Nafa, Zhanhuai Li

Even though many approaches have been proposed for entity resolution (ER), it remains very challenging to find one with quality guarantees. To this end, we proposea risk-aware HUman-Machine cOoperation framework for ER, denoted by r-HUMO. Built on the existing HUMO framework, r-HUMO similarly enforces both precision and recall levels by partitioning an ER workload between the human and the machine. However, r-HUMO is the first solution to optimize the process of human workload selection from a risk perspective. It iteratively selects human workload based on real-time risk analysis on human-labeled results as well as prespecified machine metrics. In this paper,we first introduce the r-HUMO framework and then present the risk analysis technique to prioritize the instances for manual labeling. Finally,we empirically evaluate r-HUMO's performance on real data. Our extensive experiments show that r-HUMO is effective in enforcing quality guarantees,and compared with the state-of-the-art alternatives, it can achieve better quality control with reduced human cost.

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