Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Assisted Cellular Communication

Sha Hu, Jose Flordelis, Fredrik Rusek, Ove Edfors

In this paper, we consider unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) assisted cellular communication system, where UAVs can be used as amplify-and-forward (AF) relays. The effective channel with UAV assisted communication can be modeled as a Rayleigh product-channel, and we derive a tight lower-bound of the ergodic capacity in closed-form. With the obtained lower-bound, trade-offs between the transmit power and the equipped number of antennas of the UAVs can be analyzed. Alternatively, for a giving setting of users and the base-transceiver station (BTS), the needed transmit power and number of antennas for the UAVs can be derived in order to have a higher ergodic capacity with the UAV assisted communication than that without it.

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