On the Real Stability Radius of Sparse Systems

Vaibhav Katewa, Fabio Pasqualetti

In this paper, we study robust stability of sparse LTI systems using the stability radius (SR) as a robustness measure. We consider real perturbations with an arbitrary and pre-specified sparsity pattern of the system matrix and measure their size using the Frobenius norm. We formulate the SR problem as an equality-constrained minimization problem. Using the Lagrangian method for optimization, we characterize the optimality conditions of the SR problem, thereby revealing the relation between an optimal perturbation and the eigenvectors of an optimally perturbed system. Further, we use the Sylvester equation based parametrization to develop a penalty based gradient/Newton descent algorithm which converges to the local minima of the optimization problem. Finally, we illustrate how our framework provides structural insights into the robust stability of sparse networks.

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