Expedition: A Time-Aware Exploratory Search System Designed for Scholars

Jaspreet Singh, Wolfgang Nejdl, Avishek Anand

Archives are an important source of study for various scholars. Digitization and the web have made archives more accessible and led to the development of several time-aware exploratory search systems. However these systems have been designed for more general users rather than scholars. Scholars have more complex information needs in comparison to general users. They also require support for corpus creation during their exploration process. In this paper we present Expedition - a time-aware exploratory search system that addresses the requirements and information needs of scholars. Expedition possesses a suite of ad-hoc and diversity based retrieval models to address complex information needs; a newspaper-style user interface to allow for larger textual previews and comparisons; entity filters to more naturally refine a result list and an interactive annotated timeline which can be used to better identify periods of importance.

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