Reduced-order Aggregate Dynamical Model for Wind Farms

Sanjana Vijayshankar, Victor Purba, Peter J. Seiler, Sairaj V. Dhople

This paper presents an aggregate reduced-order model for a wind farm composed of identical parallel-connected Type-3 wind turbines. The model for individual turbines includes mechanical dynamics (arising from the turbine and doubly fed induction generator) and electrical dynamics (arising from the rotor-side and grid-side converters and associated filters). The proposed aggregate wind-farm model is structure preserving, in the sense that the parameters of the model are derived by scaling corresponding ones from the individual turbines. The aggregate model hence maps to an equivalent--albeit fictitious--wind turbine that captures the dynamics corresponding to the entire wind farm. The reduced-order model has obvious computational advantages, but more importantly, the presented analysis rigorously formalizes parametric scalings for aggregate wind-turbine models that have been applied with limited justification in prior works. Exhaustive numerical simulations validate the accuracy and computational benefits of the proposed reduced-order model.

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