Suspicious News Detection Using Micro Blog Text

Tsubasa Tagami, Hiroki Ouchi, Hiroki Asano, Kazuaki Hanawa, Kaori Uchiyama, Kaito Suzuki, Kentaro Inui, Atsushi Komiya, Atsuo Fujimura, Hitofumi Yanai, Ryo Yamashita, Akinori Machino

We present a new task, suspicious news detection using micro blog text. This task aims to support human experts to detect suspicious news articles to be verified, which is costly but a crucial step before verifying the truthfulness of the articles. Specifically, in this task, given a set of posts on SNS referring to a news article, the goal is to judge whether the article is to be verified or not. For this task, we create a publicly available dataset in Japanese and provide benchmark results by using several basic machine learning techniques. Experimental results show that our models can reduce the cost of manual fact-checking process.

Knowledge Graph



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