Design and Implementation of Ecological Adaptive Cruise Control for Autonomous Driving with Communication to Traffic Lights

Sangjae Bae, Yeojun Kim, Jacopo Guanetti, Francesco Borrelli, Scott Moura

This paper presents the design and implementation results of an ecological adaptive cruise controller (ECO-ACC) which exploits driving automation and connectivity. The controller avoids front collisions and traffic light violations, and is designed to reduce the energy consumption of connected automated vehicles by utilizing historical and real-time signal phase and timing data of traffic lights that adapt to the current traffic conditions. We propose an optimization-based generation of a reference velocity, and a velocity-tracking model predictive controller that avoids front collisions and violations. We present an experimental setup encompassing the real vehicle and controller in the loop, and an environment simulator in which the traffic flow and the traffic light patterns are calibrated on real-world data. We present and analyze simulation and experimental results, finding a significant potential for energy consumption reduction, even in the presence of traffic.

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