Boost Blockchain Broadcast Propagation with Tree Routing

Jia Kan, Lingyi Zou, Bella Liu, Xin Huang

In recent years, with the rapid development and popularization of BitCoin, the research of blockchain technology has also shown growth. It has gradually become a new generation of distributed, non-centralized and trust-based technology solution. However, the blockchain operation is expensive and transaction is delayed. Take BitCoin as an example. On the one hand, a block is produced every ten minute. On the other hand, once the new block is generated, it takes a certain time to propagate world wide. The slow speed of propagation determines that BitCoin can not use too small block interval time. Ethereum also faces similar problems, so the concept of uncle block was introduced to reduce blockchain forks. This paper introduces a new tree structure based broadcast propagation routing model, providing a novel method to organize network nodes and message propagation mechanism. In oder to avoid the single node failure problem, the tree cluster routing is proposed. The research shows that the tree based routing can accelerate broadcast convergence time and reduce redundant traffic.

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