Towards a more efficient use of process and product traceability data for continuous improvement of industrial performances

Thierno Diallo, Sébastien Henry, Yacine Ouzrout

Nowadays all industrial sectors are increasingly faced with the explosion in the amount of data. Therefore, it raises the question of the efficient use of this large amount of data. In this research work, we are concerned with process and product traceability data. In some sectors (e.g. pharmaceutical and agro-food), the collection and storage of these data are required. Beyond this constraint (regulatory and / or contractual), we are interested in the use of these data for continuous improvements of industrial performances. Two research axes were identified: product recall and responsiveness towards production hazards. For the first axis, a procedure for product recall exploiting traceability data will be propose. The development of detection and prognosis functions combining process and product data is envisaged for the second axis.

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