Secure Communication over Interference Channel: To Jam or Not to Jam?

Jinyuan Chen

We consider a secure communication over a two-user Gaussian interference channel, where each transmitter sends a confidential message to its legitimate receiver. For this setting, we identify a regime where the simple scheme of using Gaussian wiretap codebook at each transmitter (without cooperative jamming) and treating interference as noise at each intended receiver (in short, GWC-TIN scheme) achieves the optimal secure sum capacity to within a constant gap. For the symmetric case, this simple scheme is optimal when the interference-to-signal ratio (all link strengths in decibel scale) is no more than 2/3. However, when the ratio is more than 2/3, we show that this simple scheme is not optimal anymore and a scheme with cooperative jamming is proposed to achieve the optimal secure sum generalized degrees-of-freedom (GDoF). Specifically, for the symmetric case, we complete the optimal secure sum GDoF characterization for all the interference regimes.

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