SDN based Network Function Parallelism in Cloud

Ankur Chowdhary, Dijiang Huang

Network function virtualization (NFV) based service function chaining (SFC) allows the provisioning of various security and traffic engineering applications in a cloud network. Inefficient deployment of network functions can lead to security violations and performance overhead. In an OpenFlow enabled cloud, the key problem with current mechanisms is that several packet field match and flow rule action sets associated with the network functions are non-overlapping and can be parallelized for performance enhancement. We introduce Network Function Parallelism (NFP) SFC-NFP for OpenFlow network. Our solution utilizes network function parallelism over the OpenFlow rules to improve SFC performance in the cloud network. We have utilized the DPDK platform with an OpenFlow switch (OVS) for experimental analysis. Our solution achieves a 1.40-1.90x reduction in latency for SFC in an OpenStack cloud network managed by the SDN framework.

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