Towards the Development of Realistic Botnet Dataset in the Internet of Things for Network Forensic Analytics: Bot-IoT Dataset

Nickolaos Koroniotis, Nour Moustafa, Elena Sitnikova, Benjamin Turnbull

The proliferation of IoT systems, has seen them targeted by malicious third parties. To address this, realistic protection and investigation countermeasures need to be developed. Such countermeasures include network intrusion detection and network forensic systems. For that purpose, a well-structured and representative dataset is paramount for training and validating the credibility of the systems. Although there are several network, in most cases, not much information is given about the Botnet scenarios that were used. This paper, proposes a new dataset, Bot-IoT, which incorporates legitimate and simulated IoT network traffic, along with various types of attacks. We also present a realistic testbed environment for addressing the existing dataset drawbacks of capturing complete network information, accurate labeling, as well as recent and complex attack diversity. Finally, we evaluate the reliability of the BoT-IoT dataset using different statistical and machine learning methods for forensics purposes compared with the existing datasets. This work provides the baseline for allowing botnet identificaiton across IoT-specifc networks. The Bot-IoT dataset can be accessed at [1].

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