Adversarial Training of End-to-end Speech Recognition Using a Criticizing Language Model

Alexander H. Liu, Hung-yi Lee, Lin-shan Lee

In this paper we proposed a novel Adversarial Training (AT) approach for end-to-end speech recognition using a Criticizing Language Model (CLM). In this way the CLM and the automatic speech recognition (ASR) model can challenge and learn from each other iteratively to improve the performance. Since the CLM only takes the text as input, huge quantities of unpaired text data can be utilized in this approach within end-to-end training. Moreover, AT can be applied to any end-to-end ASR model using any deep-learning-based language modeling frameworks, and compatible with any existing end-to-end decoding method. Initial results with an example experimental setup demonstrated the proposed approach is able to gain consistent improvements efficiently from auxiliary text data under different scenarios.

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