Power Control for D2D Underlay in Multi-cell Massive MIMO Networks

Amin Ghazanfari, Emil Björnson, Erik G. Larsson

This paper proposes a new power control and pilot allocation scheme for device-to-device (D2D) communication underlaying a multi-cell massive MIMO system. In this scheme, the cellular users in each cell get orthogonal pilots which are reused with reuse factor one across cells, while the D2D pairs share another set of orthogonal pilots. We derive a closed-form capacity lower bound for the cellular users with different receive processing schemes. In addition, we derive a capacity lower bound for the D2D receivers and a closed-form approximation of it. Then we provide a power control algorithm that maximizes the minimum spectral efficiency (SE) of the users in the network. Finally, we provide a numerical evaluation where we compare our proposed power control algorithm with the maximum transmit power case and the case of conventional multi-cell massive MIMO without D2D communication. Based on the provided results, we conclude that our proposed scheme increases the sum spectral efficiency of multi-cell massive MIMO networks.

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